Your agency increasingly operates in a complex and rapidly evolving environment in which employees expect to access information and workflows both at their desks and while they’re mobile. With this shift in expectations, it’s time to engage and optimize the workforce with an enterprise solution that includes embedded business intelligence, social and professional collaboration, self-service functions, and automated business workflows. Sierra-Cedar can help.

With more than 25 years of experience, Sierra-Cedar has become one of the largest consultancies focused on delivering a full range of application services to cities, counties, states, school districts, public utilities, public transportation authorities, and laboratories. Our consultants will work with you to implement modern application platforms that provide today’s workforce with the tools to deliver progressive, mobile-ready services.


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Sierra-Cedar assembled a very talented and skilled team to guide and partner with our King County project team, and the project came in on time and under budget. This was a significant achievement given the County’s highly customized Time and Labor module. Sierra-Cedar brought the right mix of project management, technical, and functional expertise and partnered well with our business and technical teams. I appreciated the open communication and collaboration with Sierra-Cedar’s project team, their dedication to supporting the aggressive timeline,and their prompt attention to resolve issues quickly. I could not have asked for a better result.

Carmel Call, Director, Business Resource Center, King County

Sierra-Cedar did a fantastic job on this project, helping us define the requirements, design the solution, and build the solution for us.  The consultants that they brought in were brilliant. They were knowledgeable and had the required Public Sector experience to meet our complex requirements. They went above and beyond to help and patiently address the needs of our users.  We are extremely happy with the services provided by Sierra-Cedar, and we plan to work with them again in the future.

Vijay Badal, Oracle Application Manager, Douglas County, Nebraska

Working with Sierra-Cedar has been a rewarding experience. We have found them to be unique in this market space. They are large enough to be able to flexibly address resource needs; however, unlike many of the larger firms, Sierra-Cedar’s ability to adapt to project changes and creatively resolve project challenges when presented make them a great partner to work with.

Sarah Gigous, Director, Office of System Management, State of Kansas

We selected Sierra-Cedar after an extremely lengthy and complex procurement process and have not been disappointed. Their level of professionalism, business acumen in the public sector, and extremely knowledgeable team members were just a few reasons they were selected. We have a great relationship to date and expect that continue into the future.

John Bruno, Chief Information Officer, Broward County, Florida

Sierra-Cedar has been a trusted and valuable partner of the NYS Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) for a number of years. With Sierra-Cedar’s assistance, OSC has been able to overcome critical challenges and implement a number of important projects. Sierra-Cedar offers resources that are knowledgeable about Oracle/PeopleSoft products and skillful in moving large and small projects from concept to completion.

Christopher Gorka, Deputy Comptroller, New York State Office of the State Comptroller

Sierra-Cedar has been our “go to” PeopleSoft services provider. They have demonstrated a solid commitment to our success. Despite the lean budgetary years with very little consulting dollars to spend, they have stood by our side to help us optimize our applications and prepare our team for the road ahead.

Tracey Bell, IT Manager, The City of Oklahoma City

These experienced resources have demonstrated a genuine concern for our success as their first priority, and they have designed and implemented the configuration and business process solutions needed in support of NMDOT’s mission-critical systems.  They have always been able to furnish the right resource at the right time for us, even when our needs require a “needle in a haystack” or urgent response.

Pat Byrd, Project Manager, State of New Mexico, Department of Transportation

When our director told us to pull out all the stops and pay our people on September 14, we knew that failure was not an option. We were counting on Sierra-Cedar and they came through. On the days immediately following September 11, payroll was elevated to a mission critical system at The Port Authority. Employees were depending on those paychecks. But members of the Sierra-Cedar team were undaunted. They rolled up their sleeves and put in long hours despite the trauma of September 11.

John Sebastiano, Payroll Manager , The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

In those initial days following the storm, I was struck by the resolve and determination of the Port Authority and Sierra-Cedar team; not once was it said, “Just delay payroll a couple of days, people will understand considering the circumstances.” On behalf of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, please accept my deepest gratitude for all the tireless efforts the Sierra-Cedar staff performed responding to Hurricane Sandy.

Daniel G. McCarron, Comptroller, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Nassau County’s decision to have its PeopleSoft environments hosted by a third-party application services provider was driven by financial and operational constraints. Sierra-Cedar was the successful bidder due to their wealth of experience in the field and their understanding of the County’s needs, and we have not been disappointed with the results.

Christopher L. Nolan, Office of Management and Budget, Nassau County, NY

In the hours and days immediately following the attacks, you couldn’t tell the difference between Sierra-Cedar and Port Authority staff in terms of their dedication.  These people barely survived themselves, yet continued to work through the night, and long days and nights thereafter, helping the Port Authority through its most difficult tragedy. While I always knew that Port Authority staff can do the impossible, I never expected that “miracle worker” would be one of Sierra-Cedar’s job functions. I can never thank them enough.

Margaret Zoch, Former Comptroller, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

This project represents a significant undertaking as NY OSC’s PeopleSoft environment is significantly customized to handle a complex Payroll operation that bi-weekly pays approximately 250,000 state employees in more than 500 payroll agencies with 46 unions and 110 negotiating units. The aforementioned is one of many successes that we have celebrated with Sierra-Cedar team and look forward to continuing the legacy of outstanding solution delivery that we have experienced for more than 12 years.

Robin Rabii, Director – Bureau of State Payroll Services, State of New York, Office of the State Comptroller

Hosting of our PeopleSoft applications by Sierra-Cedar has delivered a high degree of availability and reliability for the City of Milwaukee.  In addition, we have been very satisfied with Sierra-Cedar consulting service who has performed upgrades in the HRMS and Financial environments.  We value the relationship we have built over the years.

Nancy Olson, Chief Information Officer, City of Milwaukee


City of San Luis Obispo’s Journey to Oracle Cloud ERP with Sierra-Cedar


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