Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) Quality and Assurance

Our SFP specialists answer the eight most common questions about Oracle’s Student Financial Planning module. Below is a list of the questions with the associated minute mark in the video:

  • What led schools to think about a new financial aid solution? (1:46)
  • In what ways are you seeing schools finding Student Financial Planning useful? (4:07)
  • Why would I begin my innovation journey with Student Financial Planning? (7:40)
  • On your current projects, how do you see students being able to benefit from Student Financial Planning? (9:25)
  • How can your financial aid office prepare for Student Financial Planning? (11:11)
  • What integrations exist, and can you tell us about them? (12:53)
  • How does implementing Student Financial Planning impact my IT department? (17:23)
  • How is Student Financial Planning different? (21:21)

Answering Your SFP Questions