NFCU – PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

The Value of a Customization

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) was awarded a PeopleSoft Innovator Award by Oracle for its work with Candidate Gateway (recruiting). NFCU combined the updated features of Candidate Gateway with edits to delivered Fluid UI pages and added unique Web analytics to capture data about a candidate’s behavior when applying for a job. NFCU simplified the PeopleSoft application process and optimized the experience for potential new hires.

What NFCU did with PeopleSoft NFCU adopted the Fluid User Interface for Candidate Gateway and added Third Party Analytics to provide insights into candidate behavior. It gathered data such as what device was being used, which browser, how long a candidate was on a page and, most importantly – where a candidate abandoned his/her application. NFCU has deployed Fluid Dashboard and plans additional Fluid deployments in the future.
Why it’s great Fluid, combined with the data from Analytics, has shown an increase in the overall number of candidates completing an application. NFCU could see a large number of candidates drop off on one specific page. This page was simplified from 12 fields to 3; the result was a significant decrease in candidate drop off at that page.
The end result: a larger candidate pool from which to select new hires and a better application process for the candidates. Everyone wins.
The Value

Navy Federal Credit Union identified a problem—too many candidates abandoning their application process—but didn’t know how to improve the completion rate. NFCU first added web analytics in the application process to pinpoint where the issue(s) were. NFCU determined that one problem area was asking too many detailed questions that candidates couldn’t answer without looking up information. NFCU designed an innovative solution, i.e., postponing the need to collect certain information until later in the application process. Based on the gathered data, the Fluid application pages were modified to hide some fields and simplify the application process. Candidates are now completing the application more quickly, fewer drop out, and the candidate pool is increased. This is a win for the candidate.
Congratulations to NFCU, an outstanding PeopleSoft Innovator[i].