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Press Release:
Sierra-Cedar Selected to Host First-Ever Nationwide Public Sector User Group Meeting at Workday Rising 2018

Lessons Learned from ERP Engagements

Let’s start with “What is ERP?” Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance, supply change management and human resources departments and help organizations handle jobs such as order processing, hiring and ordering supplies, etc….

Why Implement an ERP System?
  • Customer Service:  As the market place for your solutions, products and services becomes increasingly competitive, your competition is constantly adapting their legacy systems to meet new requirements imposed by customers.  If you want to stay competitive, you too must
    adapt. Read more

Understanding Oracle PeopleSoft Position Management

There has been a lot of confusion, particularly in the higher education world about Position Management and Commitment Accounting modules in Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM suite.  A good number of colleges have posed two questions to me lately:

  1. How do we go about implementing Position Management?
  2. What is Position Management? Read more

The Project Quality Review – A Helpful Friend or A Pesky Foe

I’ve spent a great deal of my career leading or facilitating quality management for technology projects and programs. These days I focus my energy on Project Quality Reviews. Project Quality Reviews address the need for independent review and analysis to determine if a project: (a) is on track to be completed within the estimated schedule and cost, and (b) will provide the functionality required by the sponsoring business entity. Performed proactively, this review process is designed to enhance a project’s probability for success.    Read more

The Top Five Characteristics of a PMO with Staying Power

Project Management Offices (PMO’s) are most valuable when they are focused on addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the audience they serve – the organization’s project managers. I’ve witnessed the rise and fall and the rise and stay of many PMO’s. The ones that stay are those that function to serve the needs of their audience at all times. The audience’s needs continuously evolve, so the PMO should too. Read more


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