Oracle OpenWorld. A week for drinking from a fire hose.

Co-presenting with Earl Parks from Gallaudet University[i], the premier U.S. school for the deaf, was the highlight of my week at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) 2016. Gallaudet was a major player in passing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1980, which led to the adoption of universal design[ii], helping a great diversity of people, including me. The OOW presentation covered Gallaudet’s upgrade to PeopleSoft (PS) 9.2 and its deployment of the PS Fluid User Interface (UI). Read more

Three Leading Practices for Implementing and Governing a Campus Solutions/HRMS Split Environment

We at Sierra-Cedar have been working on the Campus Solutions/HRMS database “split” with our customers now for nearly two years. We are proud that we have 16 live as we close out 2012. I believe this is more than any other system integrator. Our first customer to go live, Palomar College, has been live for well over a year and is doing well, which I witnessed firsthand when I visited them in December.   All of our customers have used Oracle-delivered integration models, with the majority selecting the “subscriber only” model. We have learned many important lessons from our customers while they implemented the split, as well as after they went live and were faced with supporting two databases and technical environments. This blog shares what I think are the top three leading practices for implementing and governing a split environment: Read more

Lessons from The Split

I started working on the CS / HCM split full time while helping Palomar College with their split project in 2011.  They went live in October with little to no disruption. Sierra-Cedar was fortunate to be part of Oracle’s Early Adopter Program, which gave us frequent access to the right individuals in the Oracle Campus Solutions group when we needed help. Since Palomar, I have worked on a large number of split projects with a dedicated group of consultants at Sierra-Cedar. At each split client, regardless of their size, type of institution, or split approach, there are a number of common activities. This blog discusses a few of them. Read more

Help! I Need Somebody – Help! Not Just Anybody

New Remote Help Desk Provides On-Demand Expertise

How often do people on your campus find themselves in need of PeopleSoft consulting help, but with no easy way to get it? Maybe you need an advanced XML report, or you can’t resolve a system error, or maybe you just need some help with the setup of a new business process. Whatever the challenge, the result is usually upset students and/or impatient users who want the problem(s) resolved quickly. If this sounds familiar, today’s blog installment might just be the ticket for you.

We recently launched a new service that is exceeding even our own expectations. Sierra-Cedar’s Remote Help Desk (RHD) offering provides inexpensive and on-demand access to our most experienced consultants.  Read more