Sierra-Cedar Helps Lucas County Migrate from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Applications

May 7, 2020 – Alpharetta, GA – Sierra-Cedar, Inc. announced Lucas County, Ohio’s go-live on Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud solutions. The 11-month effort replaced PeopleSoft Financials and was part of an overall initiative to standardize and streamline business processes across all county [...]

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Big Bang Theory

Organizations upgrading their old systems are finding that software now comes in large integrated packages that often contain more features or functionality than they had before and perhaps don’t really need. Many are taking the "Big Bang" approach of implementing everything at once, but that can prove more costly.

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Hosted ERP Solutions – The Cool Kid Once More

Traditional thinking would have you believe that a downturn in the economy would lead to an increase in interest for hosted and managed ERP solutions. While this may be true for some low hanging fruit and net new custom development that could take advantage of [...]

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Three Steps towards ERP improvement

In 1990, an emerging application software methodology was officially dubbed Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. While not a completely new concept, changes in technology made it more of a reality and allowed vendors to change the architecture of application software from stand-alone systems to integrated suites. [...]

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