Syracuse University – PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

Fluid + Mobile + Workflow = Organization Value

Recently, Syracuse University moved to the next generation of time collection for both its academic and administrative units, with innovations around collection processes and easing administrative burdens. Syracuse identified an area of need and took the steps to improve its PeopleSoft system, using the delivered tools versus a wholesale system replacement. This innovative project was recognized by Oracle with a PeopleSoft Innovator Award.

Overview of Syracuse Transformation

Syracuse University embarked on its Next Generation Project (NextGen) to transform how the academic schools and departments interacted with Human Resources and Payroll. The project retired significant custom bolt-ons and replaced antiquated time collection processes. The main goals of the NextGen project included modernizing time collection processes and reducing the administrative burden for academic and administrative units in their interactions with HR.
The NextGen project was split into two major initiatives:

  • The first initiative replaced an assortment of outdated time collection methods, including time clocks, and implemented PeopleSoft’s Time and Labor Module. Time collection used to rely on a variety of low- or no-tech alternatives, most requiring subsequent manual keying of time by managers. NextGen consolidated time collection and implemented time approval through PeopleSoft’s Automated Workflow Engine (AWE). Because the Fluid time collection forms are mobile enabled, students and hourly staff can use mobile devices to update timesheets.
  • The second initiative replaced a +15-year old customization, which interfered with core delivered position and job functionality, with a series of new Fluid forms. In order to empower academic and administrative units with the ability to initiate HR transactions, the new forms can be accessed from either Manager Self Service or through the Company Directory. Robust tailored workflow was incorporated into each form, supporting the distinct approvals required for faculty, staff, student-workers, and positions that are funded by sponsored accounts. PeopleSoft mobile workflow was vital in supporting the project objectives to make the system faculty-centric, and to eliminate the need for inanition of transactions by HR system experts.

Human Resources also modernized the formerly paper-based Position Evaluation Request (PER) process, which was used for requesting new positions and changes to existing positions. This included the implementation of position management and profile management. The new process is based on a custom application using PeopleSoft Fluid forms, toolset, and workflow. The PER forms are fully configurable by a techno-functional representative in Human Resources, therefore eliminating the need for IT intervention when the forms require modification.

The Value

These changes transformed Syracuse University’s use of PeopleSoft HCM from a transaction-based system to one that more effectively supports the academic mission.  This was accomplished with the delivery of leading practices and consistent methods for collecting and approving time, and by taking advantage of Oracle/Peoplesoft’s Fluid and AWE technology.  The time collection system is available via mobile devices and the toolset supports accessibility standards.

Congratulations to Syracuse University for innovating a solution which de-customized, simplified, and rejuvenated a great system to one with even more value[i].