Domino’s – PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

The Value of a Customization

Oracle awarded Domino’s an Innovator Award for its recent deployment of an innovation to its PeopleSoft HCM system. Domino’s created an innovative custom-built application to capture acknowledgments and electronic signatures from employees for a variety of HR, benefits, and payroll purposes. Domino’s bolt-on customization delivers hard benefits to the organization. This may be something you, too, might want to consider.

Overview of Domino’s Customization

Domino’s designed and developed a custom “To-Do List” for employee self-service, utilizing PeopleTools with a Fluid user interface. This custom-built application allows Domino’s to capture acknowledgments and electronic signatures from employees for a variety of human resource, benefits, and payroll purposes. This functionality allows Domino’s to push electronic reminders to Team Members and monitor that they have received and read them, while also providing a method to capture electronic signatures (where needed) for legal purposes. The application allows the Team Member to see the number of outstanding items they need to review and then address them directly from the To-Do List Tile. Once a Team Member clicks his/her To-Do List, she/he is presented with a list of items to complete. These can be a document an employee can open and read, a link to another page within PeopleSoft HCM to complete or update, or an external link to another site, such as information for an external benefits provider. Once the Team Member has completed the review or data entry, she/he will acknowledge or submit.

Domino’s Use of the To-Do List
Type of Use Examples
Legislative – Federal, State, County, and City Reminder to Review Tax Withholding
HIPAA Privacy Policy Acknowledgement
Company Policy Team Member Handbook
Arbitration Agreement
Code of Ethics Policy
Non-Complete Agreement
Timekeeping Acknowledgements Sign-off of time-clock changes
Employee Data Remind employees to periodically review their address, phone, email, and emergency contacts
The Value

This new tool provides an easy format for Domino’s to communicate and collaborate with its dispersed workforce.  Team Members can view and acknowledge documents easily with this Fluid customization deployed to their phone, tablet, or computer.  The system also periodically reminds Team Members to complete data updates with links to other delivered Fluid self-service pages. The application allows Domino’s to capture acknowledgments and electronic signatures from their Team Members. Legal costs are reduced, and compliance is documented.

What’s not to like about an innovative customization that provides value year after year? Congratulations to Domino’s for adding more value to its PeopleSoft System[1].


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