New HCM features in Image 28

HCM Image 28 has many new features, and while some may not apply to your organization, you’ll likely be pleased by the ones that help you improve processes, simplify, and perhaps, allow you to retire a customization that now is met by out-of-the-box functionality.

This quarter’s Image brings 28 improvements that are classified over 15 areas. The graphic below breaks them out by application and shows the number of improvements for each application. The most improvements are in the HR module which tied with overall improvements that apply across the HCM system.

Some of the improvements that caught my eye include these new features:

  • Security is a hot topic of concern for everyone. While the PeopleSoft system has always been a leader in security, Image 28 enhanced its “Sensitive Data Masking” feature to include masking of Driver’s License Number and Passport Number. Remember that securing your system is one of the top reasons to update. A general enhancement is for the “Data Privacy Framework (DPF) to include SQR references and record fields used in Search Framework objects. I’ll write more about this in a later blog.It might seem like too much effort to apply this Image to secure some additional sensitive information, but that is one of the strengths of PeopleSoft. You don’t have to apply the entire HCM Image. Use Selective Adoption to apply just one new feature. If other specific updates are required that were not applied, the PUM process will identify and report them, then build an update package for you to apply. This is as simple as it gets to keep your system protected.
  • My favorite new update in this Image is the capability to define configurations specific to each form factor (PC, tablet, phone) and map the configurations to a page-level PeopleCode event. The Fluid Page and Field Configurator support more logical operators for comparison—a really powerful addition that “Fluid” organizations (which you all should be) use to support their mobile workforce.
  • Speaking of mobile workforce, Image 28 improved the integration between the Fluid Timesheet and Absence Management. Now an end user may report an absence without navigation out of the Timesheet. Another simplification that reduces training via an intuitive design and an overall decrease in time to conduct a transaction.
  • Organizations that have deployed Image 28 before running W2s, will benefit from a simplified U.S Year End Tax Form accessibility setup feature. For the employee side of things, Fluid W-2/W-2c (Payroll for NA) provides employees a more complete Fluid self-service experience. Nice.
  • Twice a month, I approve reported time for my staff. Often, I’m not in my office. With Image 29, I can access my team’s time reporting pages, e.g., time entry and weekly time, and this can be done across different device forms, e.g., PC, tablet. If I’m on vacation, the new delegation feature allows me to delegate any Fluid time entry transaction.

Remember to update your system to gain the advantages from just this quarter. An easy way to update is to use Sierra-Cedar’s PUM-as-a-Service and Oracle’s PTF. You can accept all the changes or just the one that really has a big benefit for you. Remember you can always reach out to Sierra-Cedar with any questions.

The following abbreviated table lists all the new features in Image 28 along with the minimum PeopleTools release.

Product(s) Feature Minimum PeopleTools
Absence Management This update brings in an improved integration between the Fluid Timesheet and Absence Management. With this update, users will be able to report an absence without navigation out of the Timesheet. This feature will make it possible for employees to access their payable time with a new calendar view across devices like desktop and tablet in a seamless manner. 8.54
Benefits Administration Enhanced the Benefits Enrollment functionality using the new Fluid technology and the Activity Guide Composer framework (Open Enrollment Activity Guide). The new streamlined interface allows employees to update their benefits with ease. 8.55
Benefits Administration Enhanced the Benefits Enrollment functionality using the new Fluid technology. The new streamlined user interface allows employees to update their benefits with ease. 8.54
General HCM Enhancements Enhanced the Page and Field Configurator to support Fluid components. This enhancement includes the capability to define configurations specific to each form factor and mapping the configurations to Page level PeopleCode event. Enhanced the Define Criteria page to support more logical operators for comparison. 8.56
General HCM Enhancements Updated system data for the Data Privacy Framework to include SQR references and record fields used in Search Framework objects. 8.54
General HCM Enhancements Added additional references to records and fields that are categorized and classified in the Data Privacy framework. These references include Reports (BI Publisher, SQR), Analytics, Search, Integration, and Component Interface References. 8.54
General HCM Enhancements Enhanced the XML reporting framework to support the auto validation of XML data files based on XSD schema and report additional identifier node in logs. 8.53.02
General HCM Enhancements Software changes were made to provide customers a way to migrate acknowledgement framework configuration data from their source to target environments using the Data Migration Workbench. 8.54
General HCM Enhancements Delivered enhancements to Fluid WorkCenter (overall and for the left panel) to improve usability. 8.55
Global Payroll Enhanced the COBOL Trace Tool to support additional detailed tracing in Global Payroll. This enhancement includes 19 additional programs for detailed tracing on, for example, Process List, PIN Manager, Writable Array and Formula processing, which add up to a total of 41 detailed tracing programs, covering all primary and supporting element programs in Global Payroll. 8.53.02
Global Payroll Delivered the Global Payroll Fluid WorkCenter for payroll users to access pages and perform daily tasks without leaving the WorkCenter. 8.55
Global Payroll for Australia Added the Updated Event process in Single Touch Payroll (STP) to align the latest employer Business Management Software (BMS) data with the last employee data reported to the ATO, or to assist with End of Financial Year (EOFY) processes. After the fiscal year end (June 30), any changes made to report employee data for the prior fiscal year must only be submitted through the Update Event process. For more information about STP, refer to the MOS Document ID: 2215523.1. 8.53.02
Global Payroll for France Added the PAS (Deduction at Source) functionality that allows employers to apply deductions to salary income at the source when it is paid out to taxpayers. This legislative update supports DSN reporting and becomes effective as of January 1, 2019. 8.53.02
Human Resources Enhanced the Company Directory functionality to provide the ability to display empty positions. 8.54
Human Resources Enhanced the Sensitive Data Masking feature to support the masking of Driver’s License Number and Passport Number. 8.53.02
Human Resources Delivered the OnBoarding Status component for administrators to view and perform OnBoarding administrative tasks in Fluid. 8.55
Human Resources Updated the related actions list for Employee Snapshot. 8.55
Human Resources Added the Learning Tile in Employee Snapshot to provide managers the ability to view the learning statuses of employees in ELM. 8.55
Human Resources Enhanced the Company Directory functionality to provide administrators the ability to export org charts. 8.55
Payroll for North America Delivered the U.S Year End Tax form accessibility setup feature. 8.53.02
Payroll for North America Enhanced the Payroll for North America US Payroll Fluid WorkCenter to provide payroll administrators the ability to check audits and exceptions. 8.55
Payroll for North America Delivered Fluid W-2/W-2c view forms in PeopleSoft Payroll for North America to provide customers more complete Fluid self-service experience for their employees. 8.55
Talent Acquisition Manager Added the Candidate Application Status feature to provide organizations the ability to configure and map the dispositions and phases of the recruiting processes to unique statuses and descriptions that are visible to applicants. This feature provides applicants more self-service capabilities and insight into the current status of their applications on the My Job Applications page in Candidate Gateway. 8.55
Time and Labor This update provides several experience improvements to managers reporting or viewing for their team. With this update managers will be able to access their team’s time reporting pages like enter time and weekly time across devices like desktop and tablet. The newly enabled delegation feature in this update will allow managers to delegate any fluid time entry transaction or act on any delegated transaction at their disposal. 8.55
eCompensation Delivered a Fluid compensation history page for both managers and employees. The new page allows more filtering of information as well as viewing the grid information in frequencies besides annual. 8.55
eDevelopment Enhanced Fluid Talent Profile to support multiple profile types. This enhancement includes a new Select Profile Type page that integrates with the Talent Profile pages for purposes of selecting a profile type other than the default primary type. 8.54
eDevelopment Enhanced the Fluid Talent Profile feature to support the display of historical profile items. 8.54
ePerformance Delivered Navigation Collection for the Team Performance Tile. 8.54

Data Privacy Framework, PeopleSoft users can expect the ability to data mask information, an online component to identify personal and sensitive data references, more granular security for additional fields such as country or address type and configurable security for personal or sensitive data field on transactions.