Sierra-Cedar Successfully Migrated Arizona State University’s PeopleSoft Applications to the AWS Public Cloud

December 4, 2019 – Alpharetta, GA – Sierra-Cedar achieved a successful migration of Arizona State University’s (ASU) PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management applications to the AWS Public Cloud. Sierra-Cedar is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner and has provided private hosting for ASU’s PeopleSoft applications since 2007.

Sierra-Cedar completed the AWS transition in three phases to validate that the resulting PeopleSoft architecture on AWS would meet the University’s mandatory application performance requirements. The joint project team simulated a high-transaction student-registration period to validate the system load could be handled by the planned AWS architecture and that there would be no negative impacts to the student online user experience during such events. System integrations, tight batch load schedules, backups, and recovery were tested, and the results were used to tune the AWS architecture and improve the overall performance of the University’s PeopleSoft applications. At the center of the PeopleSoft application testing was the migration of the Oracle database from a five node Oracle RAC cluster to the AWS Relational Database Service. The initial concerns about whether AWS RDS could handle ASU’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions load requirement were quickly resolved through the results of the performance testing activities. The positive outcomes of each project phase helped ASU with establishing the readiness and confidence to migrate its large PeopleSoft architecture to AWS.

“Sierra-Cedar has been an important partner in helping ASU make significant progress toward ASU’s goal of enabling student success in ASU’s ongoing evolution toward the New American University, by successfully migrating ASU’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management systems to the AWS Cloud,” said Jess Evans, Ph.D., Chief Operating and Digital Transformation Officer, ASU. “Campus Solutions is the centerpiece of ASU’s student experience, and with Sierra-Cedar’s ERP and AWS expertise coupled with their high level of professionalism, they made it look easy and completed the migration ahead of schedule.”

Sierra-Cedar has been providing ASU with private hosting and managed services for the University’s PeopleSoft applications for over a decade, and we have continually served as a trusted advisor, participating in over 100 distinct projects for the University. “We’re pleased to continue supporting ASU’s digital transformation,” said Timothy Gehrig, EVP, Sierra-Cedar Cloud and Managed Services. “With Sierra-Cedar’s FlexOps automation and orchestration platform, which are currently used to manage ASU’s PeopleSoft environments, Sierra-Cedar can provide the scalability and flexibility the University needs to help pursue its goals.”

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