The City of San Luis Obispo is Live on Oracle ERP Cloud

The City of San Luis Obispo, California and Sierra-Cedar are excited to announce that the City went live with Oracle ERP Cloud on October 1, 2018. The City of San Luis Obispo engaged Sierra-Cedar for this citywide initiative to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency through the implementation of the [...]

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Evaluating the Cloud: What is – Cloud?

Lately everyone I talk to asks me whether they should they migrate their on-premise system (Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP) to the Cloud, invest in their on-premise ERP, or do nothing. Before I answer this question, let’s explore what organizations are defining as the Cloud. […]

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Legacy Back Office Systems are Costing Healthcare

The strategic imperative for growing enterprises in healthcare is to achieve operational excellence. Your current legacy ERP strategy is costing you and you now have the base for a business case to re-write your ERP strategy. Before you commit to “upgrading” your current legacy back-office (ERP) review what your hospital needs and needs to accomplish with its ERP strategy.

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Continuous Healthcare Supply Chain Management ROI

All of healthcare is under more pressure than ever to keep costs down and thrive…despite near constant business change. Flexibility in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is about having the ability to allow your hospital organization to respond rapidly to changing business landscapes and customer (department) demands to continue to achieve [...]

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Invoice Matching/Payables Best Practices

We want you to provide a concise document, that tells us what the healthcare Best Practices are relative to invoice matching, we are not taking about software function, but rather Best Practices for business processes, regardless of whether the software supports them or not. (Hospital [...]

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