Simplify your cloud modernization experience with FlexOps®


FlexOps for Implementing & Managing Infrastructure-as-Code & GitOps at Scale

Adopting the modern benefits of the cloud and leaving the limitation of the traditional data center behind creates questions and decisions that can be overwhelming. Which tools are right for me? How do I re-train employees who are already working full-time? How do I secure this new operational model? How long will it take? How much will it cost, and when will I see the benefits? Where do I go for help? FlexOps simplifies the cloud modernization experience by providing a clear path forward, from initial analysis and solution design to migration and optimization, and ultimately, operations at scale.

What is FlexOps?


Sierra-Cedar designed its FlexOps ecosystem of cloud services from the ground up to help our clients realize the most value out of their cloud infrastructure investments. FlexOps is a flexible services catalog that provides everything from pre-cloud analysis to production workload managed services, delivered by a virtual drop-in DevOps team of Agile-minded scrum resources consisting of Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers, and Cloud Engineers.