PUM-as-a-Service—that’s a mouthful for sure. PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager) was developed to help simplify maintenance and lower costs for PeopleSoft users. However, I think you can do even better. PUM-as-a-Service further simplifies and lowers cost for your business. Let me provide a quick overview. When you think about what this could mean for your business, you might just have a “light-bulb” moment.

PUM provides quarterly updates to PeopleSoft 9.2, and it does that with a comprehensive package of tax and regulations updates, process simplifications, bug fixes, and brand-new functionality. Great news, right, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming to take time in your “regular job” to look at what’s new and what’s been fixed. The update starts with remembering “what the process was” and “where did I put those notes?” Then compare what you have with what is included in the update and decide which updates you need/want. Once you do that, all you need to do is download what you want, check to see if any of your customizations interfere, apply your selections to an instance, update any configuration items, test, train users, etc.  It is great that updates come out every quarter, but it’s hard to find time for this once a quarter maintenance.
Sierra-Cedar’s PUM-as-a-Service offers you a straightforward, easy-to-budget, routine process to stay current with your PeopleSoft system, and gain the benefits of new features with minimal impact on the organization.

For decades, clients have relied on Sierra-Cedar to keep their systems up-to-date and within budget. Now Sierra-Cedar, as an early adopter of PUM and consistent with years of providing support services to our clients, has created a fixed-cost, straightforward, and recurring service to help organizations keep PeopleSoft up to date. What’s the catch? Just one, you need an active Oracle maintenance contract for your PeopleSoft 9.2 application.

Would you be interested in simplifying the selecting, applying, testing, and training the PUM updates?  Sierra-Cedar consultants are available to help. You decide when you want to apply the updates and we can guide you through the rest. It simplifies the process of keeping PeopleSoft current, adopting new features, and doing this for a fixed fee.

So far, clients of this service have had varied needs and objectives. Some prefer quarterly updates while others like the once-a-year strategy. One customer looks to replace customizations with newly delivered functionality with the idea of maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Another only wants the quarterly tax and regulation updates and then look to an annual update.
The basic PUM-as-a-Service will keep your system current for a fixed fee. For an additional fee, we can help with de-customization, create new Fluid pages, or build Simplified Analytics to provide your organization a competitive advantage. The bottom line is we offer a low-cost service that will keep your PeopleSoft system maintained and up to date. This is routine work for our specialists—it’s what we do.

To learn more about PUM-as-a-Service contact us today.