Evaluating the Cloud: How Much is the Cloud?

how-muchAs the holidays approach, most of us receive emails about shopping opportunities, special deals, and anything to encourage us to buy—and most focus on price. Those of us who enjoy a deal are often concerned about our personal budgets and also budgets in the professional realm. When considering any new purchase, one of the first two considerations are, “How much does it cost?” and “What do I get for my money?” This is easier to answer if you’re purchasing a toy for your child, but here at Sierra-Cedar, our HR Systems Survey looks at the cost of various HCM technologies; we have hard facts and insights based on cost data for both SaaS and on-premise solutions. Read more

The Quantified Organization: What Do We Really Mean by Creating Data-Driven HR?

It never seems to fail that following the HR Technology® Conference in October, there’s an increase in blogs, articles, and overall commentary on HR analytics.

The articles usually follow this trajectory:

  • Why aren’t organizations investing in analytics? First we bemoan the fact that so few organizations are investing in HR analytics: only 12% of organizations in the latest Sierra-Cedar HR systems survey adopted any form of Workforce optimization applications such as workforce analytics, workforce planning, or predictive analytics solutions, and this number hasn’t changed much in the last few years.
  • We have solutions. Articles then show up pointing out the improvements in solution and service provider approaches and tools. With the plethora of options available today, lack of tools shouldn’t be the holdup for adopting analytics in organizations. Read more

CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey: Moving Forward

As we launch the 17th annual CedarCrestone 2014–2015 HR Systems Survey, it’s appropriate to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. I’m often asked what brought me to the field of HR and Talent research—it’s not the easiest job to explain, which I found out the hard way trying to explain my career choices to a group of elementary students (the ice cream truck driver beat me hands down for favorite presentation and career choice that day). For some, research isn’t what excites them every day; but for me, good research is the one job that has the ability to change how we view our world. Great research brings together our past, present, and future to a single point in time and plays a fundamental role in helping us shape the best future possible by allowing us to make decisions based on facts rather than conjecture.  Read more


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