Hackensack Meridian Health – PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) was recently awarded a PeopleSoft Innovator Award at Oracle OpenWorld in recognition of the tremendous amount of work accomplished in a relatively short time. After the individual healthcare networks merged operations in 2016, the project team set about eliminating 25 HR/Payroll systems as it moved 33,000 team members at 13 hospitals and over 200 centers into one consolidated system. HMH deployed Elasticsearch, Fluid pages, and custom Fluid pages to make Employee Self Service more intuitive for the users. They also deployed two-factor authentication to make the system more secure.

What HMH did with PeopleSoft HMH had no single source of data for reporting on team member information. Extracts were pulled from many systems then manually consolidated, and of course, errors would creep in. This all changed with a single PeopleSoft system.
Now, reporting is provided from the single PeopleSoft system. Simplicity and accuracy are dramatically improved partially due to the capability of future date transactions. The timeliness of data is up to the moment.
HMH deployed Fluid ESS & MSS to increase system access for team members, to simplify acquisitions, and to improve the accuracy of personal data reporting.


Why it’s great HMH team members now have real-time access to their data and can update it anytime. For a healthcare provider that runs its operations 7x24x365, this is a big win for everyone.
Overall team member satisfaction increased with the introduction of standard processes, standard codes, and standard training for all team members. Elasticsearch provides an easy way for everyone to find information.

Hackensack Meridian Health consolidated HR activities from disparate systems onto PeopleSoft for all 33,000 team members, deployed Fluid HCM Employee and Manager Self Service, deployed a two-factor authentication solution, and implemented Elasticsearch. This project shows innovation by taking advantage of many new technologies.
Congratulations to Hackensack Meridian Health, an outstanding PeopleSoft Innovator[i].