Lessons Learned on PeopleSoft Position Management

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) is moving to an environment where Managers will process changes for their employees using Pages in PeopleSoft 9.1/Tools 8.52 Manager Self Service.  The Pages will have approval routing that is based on the level of the Manager submitting the request as well [...]

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Ease the Pain of Salary Funding Changes

Funding and retroactive salary transfers are typically the highest volume of transactions for a University with Medical Centers and Research funding.  The delivered pages can be intimidating and are better suited to a centralized processing group.   Unfortunately, the Centralized concept doesn’t work for every institution. UTMB Health is a perfect [...]

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Lessons Learned on OBIEE & OBIA

I have worked with many healthcare organizations that have decided to license Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) solution and are now facing the daunting task of implementation. Instead of embarking on your OBIEE journey blind, I suggest learning from those who have already gone through the process. Read on to learn more or attend my HIUG Interact 13 conference session "An OBIA Story: NYU Langone Medical Center eFinance Transformation" (Session Number: 13068) on Tuesday, June 11, 10:30 a.m.

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Data Governance in Healthcare

Data governance is a longstanding obligation of the healthcare industry.  And in light of the many Business Intelligence (BI), Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects, data governance has become critical to the data integrity of health information. Most hospitals have multiple information systems that feed into their BI, [...]

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Healthcare Cost Accounting Lessons Learned

Today’s pressure to reduce healthcare costs and the increased liability providers have is challenging how healthcare systems address cost accounting.  Due to the uniqueness of hospital operations, most healthcare organizations continue to struggle with identifying thecosts of products and services by responsibility segments, capturing the full cost of products and [...]

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Lessons Learned from EHR Business Intelligence Solutions

The latest Black Book  annual evaluation of leading healthcare and medical software and service providers across 18 operational excellence key performance indicators suggest electronic health record systems vendor are continuing to fall short of provider’s expectations leading 2013 to be the year of the great Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records [...]

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