Machine Learning in the Oracle Analytics Cloud

Data Science Capabilities at Your Fingertips Most analytics tools are only capable of reporting on past events and showing trends. While helpful, it’s not actionable. Historically, predictive analytics required the specialized skills of data scientists and advanced developers to discover patterns, trends, and correlations in [...]

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Jump-Start Your Cloud Journey

Deeper analytical insight and agility is at the forefront of growth strategy for companies across all industries. However, the complexity of defining the appropriate path to leverage the benefits of the Cloud to gain meaningful insight from your data can be overwhelming. The Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), a breakthrough [...]

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The Quantified Organization: What Do We Really Mean by Creating Data-Driven HR?

It never seems to fail that following the HR Technology® Conference in October, there’s an increase in blogs, articles, and overall commentary on HR analytics. The articles usually follow this trajectory: Why aren’t organizations investing in analytics? First we bemoan the fact that so few organizations are investing in HR [...]

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Lessons Learned on OBIEE & OBIA

I have worked with many healthcare organizations that have decided to license Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) solution and are now facing the daunting task of implementation. Instead of embarking on your OBIEE journey blind, I suggest learning from those who have already gone through the process. Read on to learn more or attend my HIUG Interact 13 conference session "An OBIA Story: NYU Langone Medical Center eFinance Transformation" (Session Number: 13068) on Tuesday, June 11, 10:30 a.m.

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Healthcare Business Intelligence (HBI): Why an Enterprise Class solution when my EMR vendor delivers a BI Solution

There has been much discussion and much hype of late on healthcare organizations investing millions in growth for competitive strategies, e.g., optimum care delivery; developing a reliable financial baseline; employing rigorous business planning; and increasing market share. For today’s health care providers, however, the future is full of change and uncertainty. [...]

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A Business Case for SCM Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Most healthcare provider organizations require significant amounts of information on their financial operations and their clinical efficiency. Not all of these organizations, however, are realizing the full value of their investments in operational systems such as Supply Chain Management (SCM) which contain a wealth of untapped “intelligence.” As hospitals increasingly [...]

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Why Business Intelligence (BI) in Healthcare?

Hospital executives and clinicians often make decisions that are not evidence-based or data-driven.  In their quest to improve quality of care, efficiency and financial performance, they often times overlook critical data in the decision making process. Why is that a problem?  Because in hospitals, while time and effort is spent [...]

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