COVID-19 and Grading Basis Changes

The COVID-19 virus has created a lot of challenges for higher education institutions. A front runner is grading and graduation, particularly with the inclusion of Pass/Fail and Credit/No-Credit grading options. The impact of these changes to the norm is deep and touches departments from financial aid to student financials to [...]

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How Oracle’s Vocado Student Financial Planning Provides Dynamic Flexibility for Higher Ed Institutions Amidst COVID-19

In the ever-changing environment of higher education, updates to financial aid policy are not an uncommon occurrence. However, the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 have created challenges for this financial aid year and years to come. Oracle Cloud’s Vocado Student Financial Planning (VSFP) is helping institutions navigate these difficult times. But [...]

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Veteran’s Benefits Processing – Student Financials

Whether by “waving” our flags or by “waiving” our tuition, higher education proudly supports our military veteran students.  However, current federal regulations make it difficult to offer quality customer service to this student population. I imagine colleges view their veterans’ processing as the proverbial “square peg/round hole” dilemma: how to [...]

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