Free Offering: Automated Class and Enrollment Maintenance Toolset

What do you get when you gather a former college dean, a veteran university registrar, and several college-IT-directors-turned-consultants on a Zoom call during a pandemic? An amazing think tank with a focused eye on the pain COVID-19 has inflicted on class enrollments! The best part? This talented group created an automated tool to ease the pain of enrollment changes and made it available to all institutions and colleges FREE of charge!

What is this tool? It is called Automated Class and Enrollment Maintenance Toolset. At a high level, it services two main areas.

The Class Maintenance Enhancement allows institutions to quickly pick a class section or group of sections, change key attributes of the section(s), and clone them numerous times.

The Moving Enrollments Enhancement allows institutions to quickly redistribute student enrollments from a selected class section into one or more additional class sections. Features include:

• Students who are moved have their enrollment “swapped” into an available section.
• Students who are moved can receive a communication informing them that one or more scheduling changes have occurred.
• When time conflicts result, the enhancement will attempt to resolve it by considering other available sections.

While prompted by COVID-19, the toolset is not limited to pandemic-related business process changes. The tool can be leveraged for ongoing items related to class and enrollment maintenance.

Sierra-Cedar initially released the toolset in June to a small subset of pilot institutions and colleges for feedback and additional enhancements. Since then, many feature requests have been added, and the current release has seen three full cycles of design and development.

Following the pilot release, Sierra-Cedar held online sessions (webinars and online office hour gatherings) to help support the higher ed community, all of which were recorded and can be viewed on our website.

For more information and to request your FREE copy of the toolset with accompanying documentation, please visit our website, click the Request the Free Tools button, and submit contact information for a Sierra-Cedar consultant to relay the toolset files and supporting documentation.

Sierra-Cedar is incredibly fortunate to be able to assist the higher education community in quickly reacting to, assessing, and responding to critical impacts, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 affects all of us, and we are dedicated to working collaboratively to ease its pain. We thank you for your continued commitment to your students, your campus community, and your trust in Sierra-Cedar.